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bella’s birthday

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

bella turns three

Last Sunday was so incredibly fun. There were lots of treats, wrapping paper and bows, and squeals of excitement! I’ve uploaded pics to the gallery here., crafty nation + christy nelson

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Whip Up’s March theme was pattern design. I submitted an article about designing using recycled textiles and it was featured yesterday! You can find my article here. Below are the before and after shots. More pics are here.

upcycled shirt

upcycled shirt

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Thanks to everyone who voted for Christina’s bag in Crafty Nation’s Craft Off. It won second place!

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My friend Christy is having a super fab giveaway—Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts! While you are there, check out the rest of her site. Have I mentioned that I designed her logo and website? I can’t remember. Anyway, go check it out and enter to win!

valentine’s crafting

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

After looking over this post, it seems like I was in full Valentine’s Day mode for the past week, but I really wasn’t. All of these were really fast and easy to put together. I had a pretty busy week, so fast and easy was just what I needed!

Last year we colored and put stickers on blank cards. This year we made cards out of M’s existing artwork. She’s been drawing with her magic markers on a stack of make ready sheets T brought home from work and one looked particularly valentine-y.


You can download my heart template here and if you print it at 100%, the cards will fit in standard invitation size envelopes. I also used the template to cut out some hearts for a garland. I always try to hang something in this window for holidays and birthdays. You can see it from both the living room and kitchen and it’s right behind our table. That little touch always makes our house feel festive.


I also made some quick gifts for T and M. After falling in love with the ball I made for Brady, I felt like M needed one of her own. I made it with leftover fabric from her bibs.

bella ball

I also whipped up a quick sweater sleeve scarf for T, complete with a roundel. I’m not sure if he really likes it or was being polite. There is a fine line between cool and too crafty for T. I think the scarf is sitting on that line! (I really like it, though!)

bmw scarf

We had a really nice day. M played in the snow, I did some sewing, and T cooked up some awesome Valentine’s chili for dinner. The best part of the day was watching M open her gifts and give her dad his Valentine.


remote control pillow featured in craftier magazine!

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Last month, Meredith, the Editor in Chief of Craftier magazine, asked me if they could feature my remote control pillow pattern in their DIY Holiday issue. Here I am on page 22!

glow in the dark ghost pattern

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

A few weeks ago I totally got sucked in by Halloween marketing. “We’ve got glow in the dark yarn!” screamed the ad. “Wow! That would make a cool amigurumi ghost!” I thought. I marched off with my 40% of coupon, got my yarn, and then came home to look for a pattern. But I couldn’t find any I really liked, so I just improvised. You’ve already seen the first one.* I like this one a little better, especially with the picot ruffles at the base. This little ghost is for sale in my etsy shop, but if you know how to crochet, don’t buy it from me unless you’re really busy saving lives or something because it takes no time at all to whip one up. Heck, crochet a whole pile of them and string them together to make a Halloween garland!

*By the way, when T turned out the light and the little ghost started to glow, M handed it right back to him. It’s sitting on my windowsill now keeping my pumpkin and apple company.

glow in the dark ghost

Glow in the Dark Ghost with Picot Ruffles

glow in the dark yarn or any worsted weight white yarn
size G/6 (4mm) crochet hook
two black beads for eyes
black yarn for smile
tapestry needle for beads and weaving ends
optional: polyester fiberfil

sc: single crochet
sl st: slip stitch

R1: chain 2, sc 6 in second chain from hook
mark the beginning of your row, move your marker up on each completed row
R2: 2 sc in each stitch around (12 stitches)
R3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next stitch* around (18 stitches)
R4: *sc 2, sc 2 in next stitch* around (24 stitches)
R5-7: sc around
R8 : sc 9, sc with bead, sc 3, sc with bead, sc 10
R9-15: sc around
R16: *[sl st, chain 3, sl into same st] sc* around for picot edging

Tie off, sew on a little smile, and weave in your ends.

I didn’t crochet a base because of the picot ruffle. Not to say that it couldn’t be done. This is more decoration than a toy, so I stuffed it with fiberfil to give it shape, but it’s open on the bottom.

i made it myself: slip stitch scarf

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Yay! My dad’s scarf is finally finished. He’ll be so happy. I bought him this yarn last year from Liberty in London. It’s Rowan Cashsoft and is super soft and cuddly! He got a hat for his birthday and this scarf was his Father’s Day present. Since it was hot in June, I gave myself until Fall to finish it. It still needs to be blocked—the edges could use a good straightening. You’re probably thinking, oh no, not more Halloween colors! Well, just so you know, they are Orioles colors. Heh.

dad scarf

It’s a simple slip stitch pattern I pulled out of my stitch calendar. I think it’s the same as the Mason Dixon burp cloths (from their first book). Work in multiples of five:

Row 1 (ws): k2, *p1, k4; rep from * to last 3 sts, p1, k2
Row 2 (rs): k2, *sl 1, k4; rep from * to last 3 sts, sl 1, k2

Repeat these two rows.

dad scarf

Other specifics:

I knit both sides at the same time from the stripes up and then grafted them in the middle with the kitchener stitch. I did that because I wanted to use up as much black yarn as possible and I figured it was the easiest way to make sure the stripes matched up at the bottom.

I also practiced weaving in ends as I knit. Kind of tricky, but I think I finally got the hang of it.

Finished size: 8 inches x 1 1/2 Bellas

Did you make something yourself? Post it here!

flickr pool for julie-bird patterns

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

The other day I came across these cool t-shirt shorts made by Jessica.

jessica's shorts

I thought it would be nice to have a place where everyone could share their finished shorts and pillows (and whatever I come up with next!). I’ve set up a flickr pool here. I’m still trying to find my way around all the cool stuff I can do with the group, but in the meantime, share your finished shorts and pillows!

remote control pillow pattern

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

UPDATE: Thanks to WhipUp for their link to my pattern!

When it comes to gift giving, it’s really hard to buy for my brother. Same with his girlfriend. They don’t have a lot of time for hobbies because they both work really hard at their jobs and at school. The only thing that is consistent with them is the Hokies. Something burgundy and orange usually goes over well, but how much VT gear can one really want? I decided to ask him. I told him to be honest. Do they both really love the Hokies that much? The answer was YES. So for his birthday, I made him this:

easy remote pillow pattern front

And that’s not even the cool part. Look at the other side:

easy remote pillow pattern front

Because they are so busy with work and school, they wind up watching more games in their living room than down in Blacksburg. I figured a VT-themed remote control pillow would be perfect! What’s even better, I made this out of one of his old VT sweatshirts. He had handed it down to me a few years ago and it had been sitting in my closet for awhile. I figured I’d give it back to him new and improved!

I think this would be a cool gift to make for any sports junkie in your life. It would probably work just as well with a t-shirt. I’d just use a more substantial interfacing to give it structure. I’ve written up a pattern and you can download it here. Let me know if you make one! And as always, drop me a line if you have any questions.

easy kids shorts pattern

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

UPDATE: Thanks to the Craft Magazine blog for their link to my pattern!

I’ll say right up front, this isn’t an original idea. There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to make kids pants, like here and here. There’s also a cool how-to in The Creative Family.

I also need to note that my daughter really doesn’t need any more pants. She has plenty, and it’s too hot to wear them now anyway. So, I did the next best thing. I made her shorts! (Shhh… she has plenty of shorts, too. I just really wanted to sew these and was looking for an excuse!)

easy kid shorts

They turned out nice. The t-shirt fabric is from one of my old Gap shirts that has a little stretch to it. I didn’t make them too snug, and hopefully they’ll last through the rest of the season.

easy toddler shorts

I used a pair of her shorts as my pattern and traced them onto paper first. The template fits on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, so I figured why not share it with the blog world? You can download it here.

Drop me a line and let me know if you make a pair. I’d love to see a photo if you do! Also, this is my first attempt at writing a sewing pattern. Please let me know if something isn’t clear!

mini santa hat pattern!

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Last year I tried knitting a little stocking for our knitting group’s ornament exchange and it turned out really wonky. The night before the exchange, I whipped up this little Santa hat instead.

santa hat

For this year’s exchange, I knit the stocking from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and it turned out MUCH better. Tana, who picked my Santa hat from last year, picked the stocking this year. I knit them both out of the same yarn. Too funny! I should see if I can complete her set with a mini sweater next season.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the little Santa hat ornament. It was so cute and easy! So the other night I decided to knit another one for our tree. I love it so much! Here’s the pattern so you can knit up some cuteness for your tree.

Knitted Santa Hat Ornament

Yarn: Lion Brand Micro Spun colors red and white
Needles: I used size 3 dpns
Gauge: 6 stitches = 1 inch
Time to complete: Less than two episodes of the Sopranos.


Using white yarn, cast on 30 stitches and divide evenly over 3 dpns.
Join and knit 8 rows in white (add rows if you need to so it forms a nice roll brim).
Change to red yarn and knit 12 rows.

Begin decreases:
Knit the first two stitches on each needle together.
Knit a plain round.

Repeat these two rows until you only have 3 stitches left. Tie them off.

Pom Pom

Start with a slip knot of white yarn on a single needle.
Knit in the front and back of the stitch, increasing to 2 stitches.
Knit in the front and back of both stitches, increasing to 4 stitches.
Repeat once more for a total of 8 stitches.

Begin decreases:
Knit two together across, decreasing to 4 stitches.
Repeat, decreasing to 2 stitches.
Repeat once more and tie off.

Pull the two ends together and shape a little ball. With a darning needle, thread the ends through the top of the hat and tie a knot.

If you want your hat to hang straight, string it up from the top. If you want it to have a little curl, like mine, string it up from the middle.

Hang on the tree and admire your craftiness. Merry Christmas!